Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We provide specialist services to support EIA development in the following sectors:

Coastal Development

  • Tourism, Ports and Harbours, Regeneration,
  • Marine Reclamation, Dredging Impacts and Management.

Natural Resources and Conservation

  • Wildlife Surveys, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Protected Areas

Onshore and Offshore Energy

  • Exploration, Production, Downstream, Renewables

Infrastructure and Industry

  • Power Generation and Transmission, Transport, Desalination,
  • Manufacturing and Processing, Housing and Flood Defences

Urban and Real Estate Development

  • Integrated Development, Strategic Planning and Design

We provide the following EIA related services to our clients internationally:

Planning/Feasibility Studies:

  • Environmental Masterplanning and Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Integrating Environmental Objectives
  • Opportunities and Constraints Assessment
  • Due Diligence, Site Planning/Preparation
  • Identifying ‘Sustainable’ Design Techniques

Technical Studies:

  • Legislative Review
  • Habitat and Species Evaluations in Marine and Terrestrial Environments
  • Biological, Hydrological and Physico-chemical Baseline Surveys
  • Geological, Soils and Drainage Evaluations
  • Dispersion Modelling for Water, Air and Noise
  • Landscape and Visual Assessments
  • Air, Noise and Climate Studies
  • Cultural and Historical Studies
  • Integrated Waste Management and Planning
  • Fisheries Studies
  • Social Impact Assessment and Community Liaison
  • GIS Mapping
  • Environmental and Permitting Services
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Outreach
  • Developing Avoidance and Mitigation Measures
  • Expert Witness Testimony


  • Adoption of Best Practice EIA/SEA Methodologies
  • Development of Reports to Supplement Permit Applications
  • Development of EIA Software
  • Obtaining Permits and Stakeholder Consultation

Environmental Management Planning:

  • Project Policy Formation
  • Mitigation, Monitoring and Audit Design
  • Determination of Ongoing Responsibilities
  • Development of Tender Specifications
  • Habitat Creation, Landscape Improvement and Recreational Enhancement

Site Audit:

  • Inspection and Audit
  • Reporting and Improvement
  • Consequence and Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Incident Response
  • Environmental Management Systems

Case Studies

Port Sultan Qaboos Redevelopment Masterplan, Oman

Our team was commissioned to undertake the EIA for the overall masterplan project. This work was delivered fully in-house and specialist advice provided to the WS Atkins masterplanning team. The EIA covered the overall proposed development, which includes a new super yacht marina, new residential area, new commercial zone, dedictaed cruise liner berths, new crecreational waterfront zone, new leisure park and new hotel development zone.