Coastal Zone Planning

Coastal Zone Planning

Managing the coastal zone is a complex issue due to its importance in terms of human population size, coastal development and industry, as well as fisheries and the anthropogenic implications which accompany such activities. The coastal zone also supports the widest array of ecosystems, with diverse habitats and associated ecology with relatively restricted (and therefore often threatened) distributions. The number of different stakeholders and their points of focus are also diverse and regularly conflicting (e.g. industry, fisheries and tourism), resulting in increased complexity from a management perspective. 5OES aims to improve management in the coastal zone through the provision of accurate scientific data to support management decision making at all levels, as well as directly informing the planning process, the development of protected areas, fisheries management and the overall implementation of holistic approaches to addressing complex management issues in the coastal zone.

Case Studies

Masirah Island Masterplanning Project, Oman

Masirah Island is Oman’s largest island with a total land area of approximately 650km2. The demand for tourism and other competing land uses on the island has led to the Supreme Council for Town Planning to commission a spatial masterplan ahead of the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) project. The Consultant, WS Atkins, appointed Five Oceans Environmental Services to provide all inputs relating to environmental and natural resource management which required the development of sensitivity mapping and resource inventory, most notably for the globally significant nesting Loggerhead turtle population. As an integral drive for the study, our team development an Integrated Coastal Zone Planning approach and framework to ensure the holistic masterplanning of the island. This approach has led to the creation of a preferred masterplan that aims to promote economic development whilst protecting and enhancing environmental features on the island.

Daymaniyat Islands National Nature Reserve Sustainable Development Project, Oman

The Daymaniyat Islands National Nature Reserve is Oman’s largest marine protected area. It was established in 1983 to protect important populations of breeding birds, nesting turtles and coral reefs. Our team was commissioned to support the study in the following aspects:

  • To conduct natural resource assessments and compare them to earlier maps to detect changes
  • To assess damage caused by Cyclone Gonu
  • To train Omani personnel in MPA management techniques
  • To determine traditional rights (e.g. fishing, worship, recreational activities)
  • To strengthen management capability within the Ministry of Environment

Man and Biosphere Reserve, Qatar

Our team provided environmental advice to project master-planning, sustainable development and assessment of eco-tourism potential of the site to carry a population of 100,000 in the buffer zone of a proposed Man and Biosphere Reserve in NE Qatar. The project involved the undertaking of an EIA and also provision of integrated planning advice for development in the area.