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Marine Life of Arabian Seas

Marine Life of Arabian Seas Arabian Seas are unlike any other in the world. Situated in a remote corner of the northwestern Indian Ocean, they experience exceptional conditions that have shaped a unique assemblage of marine life. This book presents a range of Arabian marine life that is bot representative of, and peculiar to, the […]

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Whales and Dolphins of Arabia

Whales and Dolphins of Arabian Seas Arabian whales and dolphins are among the most fascinating and least understood of the world’s cetaceans. Over twenty species live in the region, where their habitat includes some of the most varied and biologically productive seas in the world. Author Robert Baldwin has spent 25 years in the Arabian […]

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Wild Arabia – BBC Two

Wild Arabia – BBC Two The Five Oceans conservation team were joined on numerous field trips during 2012 by the BBC Natural History Unit as they embarked on filming for Wild Arabia, a three-part documentary series on the nature, wildlife and people of the Arabian peninsula. The series aired to great acclaim in the first […]

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Port Gentil Marine Surveys, Gabon

Featured Case Study Port Gentil Marine Surveys Our team was commissioned by URS Scott Wilson (UK) to provide specialist advice on marine mammals, sea turtles and fisheries related inputs to the development of a new port and industrial zone in Port Gentil. In this role, our team has undertaken seasonal surveys for sea turtles and […]

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