Ecological Baseline Services & Conservation

Our staff have vast experience in conducting baseline and monitoring studies involving flora, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Africa and UK. As well as supporting EIA and masterplanning studies our terrestrial ecological team are involved in conservation research for key species in Oman and also the protection of important wildlife sites in liaison with government.

Case Studies

Wadi Sarin Management Plan, Oman

Wadi Sarin National Nature Reserve has been a protected area since 1973 in order to conserve its valuable landscape, traditional communities and important populations of the Arabian Tahr, an endangered and endemic mammal species. The area lies 300 – 2000m above sea level and covers an area of 800 km2. However, to date the area has been managed directly by the Diwan of Royal Court and implemented by hired rangers from local communities. The objective of this project was to develop a more considered management plan that responds to the changing internal and external pressures on the Reserve.

Ecological Surveys for the proposed Etihad Railway, UAE

The Five Oceans team provided terrestrial ecology support to Hyder Middle East Consulting for the proposed Etihad Railway system in the Northern Emirates. Services included the design, management, collection and analysis of data for a comprehensive terrestrial ecological baseline survey in the potential impact zones. The output of our work was the development of a detailed ecological overview of the development area to inform the assessment of potential impacts and design.

Onshore Oil and Gas

We provide the following services to the onshore Oil and Gas industry:

  • Environmental due diligence
  • Baseline Environmental, social and health surveys
  • Exploration and Development environmental impact assessment
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Environmental management systems  (BS8555 guidance for ISO 14001 or EMAS)
  • Implementation of environmental management plans
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental Planning

We have solid regional experience in conducting grassroots, stakeholder consultation, as well as liaison and consultation with relevant government authorities and NGOs. Detailed health and social impact studies may be required as components of a more integrated impact assessment. Such studies, coupled with ongoing stakeholder engagement, assist with managing community expectations and long-term oil and gas developments.

INVICTA has been developed by Five Oceans to serve frontier and established exploration and production oil and gas projects. Our aim is to provide a complete package of environmental, social, risk and emergency services when they are required and as a project evolves and develops. The focus of our INVICTA initiative is towards oil and gas E & P projects in the MENA Region and NE Africa; and, where our capability is suitable, to take on O&G projects Globally.  We recognise that every region where E&P is conducted differs and requires specific skills, experience and local knowledge, which INVICTA can bring together on a case-by-case basis. More details can be found at http://invicta.me.uk/

Case Studies

BP (Khazzan) Onshore O&G Block 61, Oman

Our team has been commissioned by BP to provide multi-scope services for the exploration and production of Block 61. Specific work has included ecological, social and hydro-geological sensitivity assessment and mapping. This work has been subsequently followed by a social sensitivity assessment and framework development for BP Khazzan’s Corporate Social and Investment policy planning.

PetroChina, Iraq

Our team has been commissioned to develop PetroChina’s Field Environmental Management System, including: Multiple ESIAs – Processing Facilities; Field Development; Raw water intake; Pipelines; Oil forwarding facility; EMS Procedures; EMP; Monitoring Programmes; Oil Spill and Emergency Response procedures; and bespoke intranet based Environmental Management System.

CC Energy Development (CCED), Oman

Since 2008, our team has been involved in multi-commissioned studies for onshore blocks 3 and 4 in Oman. The scope of services provided includes:

  • Ongoing environmental support and development of environmental management systems during development prior to commissioning and production.
  • Phase II Development – Scoping Study and Detailed EIA for production facilities, field development and pipelines
  • Phase I Development – Scoping Study and Detailed EIA for extended well tests and early production facilities
  • Permit applications for exploration activities to statutory authorities
  • Preparation of EIAs for onshore drilling (multiple campaign areas) and 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition surveys (multiple, geographically separate campaign areas).
  • Preliminary environmental support for drilling operations
  • Environmental management plans for drilling and seismic operations

RAK Petroleum Environmental Call-off Services Contract, Oman

Since 2002, our team has provided multi-commissioned surveys to RAK petroleum for onshore blocks 17, 30, 31, 43a & 47 and Offshore Block 8. The scope of services includes:

  • Due Diligence and Assessment of Legacy
  • Permit applications for exploration and production to statutory authorities
  • Preparation of EIAs for 2D Seismic (since 2002 this includes all Oman Blocks, most recently Block 30, June 2010)
  • EIA for offshore production drilling, West Bukha Block 8, 2010 / 2011 Campaign
  • Preparation of EIAs for 3D Seismic (Offshore Block 8)
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for onshore and offshore seismic ops.
  • Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) for offshore seismic
  • Preparation of EIAs for onshore and offshore drilling
  • Offshore marine environmental observers
  • Research and preparation of environmental monitors reports for submission to environmental authorities
  • Research and preparation of EIA for offshore production facilities and infrastructure
  • Establishment of company Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Detailed review of all pertinent National and International Environmental Legislation for Oman and UAE and review of related National standards adopted by the O&G industry
  • Preparation of offshore Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Establishment of ADCP monitoring and related oil spill trajectory modelling studies
  • Development of company web-based portal for all HSE issues
  • Ongoing EMS support and related studies for Oman and United Arab Emirates

Masterplanning and EIA

We provide environmental inputs to terrestrial masterplanning studies across the Gulf Region, including large-scale industrial developments and mixed residential developments. Our role is to undertake high level strategic assessments, undertake baseline surveys, implement best practice environmental design approaches and to establish frameworks for long term management of sites.

Case Studies

Duqm Industrial Zone Masterplan, Oman

Our team undertake a high level strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the masterplanning and construction phase of the Duqm Industrial Development Zone. The work, culminating in the EIA report, identified the important environmental issues associated with the construction and operation of the 40,000 ha mixed use development. An Eco-Industrial approach, with synergistic planning between industries, was used to guide the masterplanning process and develop suitable mitigation and enhancement strategies. These focused on the incorporation of existing features (e.g. ecology, archaeology and landscape features) into the masterplan to safeguard them from impact and use them to create an aspirational design for an industrial zone.  The mitigation strategies were also assimilated into a framework Environmental Management Plan that guides future tenant level development, holistic infrastructure design and long term monitoring.

Onshore Wind Farm Environmental Assessment, Oman

The Oman government is seeking to develop a wind energy project in the south of Oman to make use of what is believed to be a wind resource of international significance. Our team has been involved in the undertaking of preliminary sensitivity analysis and the identification of opportunities and constraints for development at a range of sites. As part of this work we have provided recommendations for the preferred location for development.

Design and Supervision of Visitor Facilities at Al Ansab wetland, Oman

Haya Water is a leading water company in Oman that provides waste water treatment services in the Muscat area. Their facility at Al Ansab includes lagoons for treated sewage effluent that have matured over 30 yrs and is now an important wetland site with a nationally important bird population. The company commissioned our team to design and supervise construction of a world class visitor facility comprising a car park and toilet block, orientation point, bird hides and pathways, and interpretation throughout focused on delivering environmental education for school children aged 6 – 18 yrs. The project was designed to provide cutting edge environmental design that is in harmony with the landscape, indigenous and functional landscaping, and a mix of high technology and traditional interpretation materials.

Environmental Management and Audit

We develop management and enhancement plans are developed to protect, restore and enhance the ecological diversity and functioning of designated sites. These plans may be developed as part of the EIA process or conservation and resource management programmes, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Plans are tailored to meet site specific targets whilst placing the project in the context of the broader national and regional requirements. Out staff have experience developing ecological and enhancement plans for sites in Oman, UAE, Africa and UK.

Venomous animals such as snakes and scorpions can represent a threat to the health and safety of a work force, particularly those working in remote areas. We offer risk assessment of working and living environment and provides advice on how to reduce risk. Training for HSE officers, Medical Staff and other members of the work force includes topics such as safe capture and removal of dangerous species, first aid response to bites and stings as well as envenomation management and the use of anti-venoms. 5OES are also able to develop awareness materials identifying potentially harmful species as well as providing advice on first-aid procedures to all staff.

In addition, we provide wildlife hazard risk assessments to operations, namely related to airport collision risks.

We provide holistic ongoing site audit and inspection services during construction and operation for a wide range of projects, including industrial developments, ports, oil and gas facilities etc.

Case Studies

Nimr Water Treatment Project, Oman

Since 2008, our team has supported Bauer Nimr in the undertaking of environmental monitoring and audit for the Nimr Water Treatment Project, which uses reed bed technology to biologically treat oil contaminated production water that is a by-product of PDO activities in the Nimr oil fields. The Project consists of 250 ha of reed bed and 320 ha of associated evaporation ponds, which convert the water into salts and reed biomass that are reusable products. The site can process 45,000 m3 of contaminated water per day. Following the completion of an EIA by our team, we have developed Construction and operational Environmental Management Plans for the project; and undertaken Quarterly environmental monitoring and site auditing to report compliance of the environmental permit conditions to MECA.

Airport Wildlife Hazard Risk Assessment & Management Plans, Oman

Our team is currently involved with airport wildlife hazard risk assessments and management plans for a number of airports in Oman. Wildlife-aircraft strikes pose a serious risk to the safety of aircraft passengers and crew and also result in significant financial costs each year as a result of aircraft damage, out of service delays (aircraft and runway) and lost aircraft. Through a process of desktop reviews, field surveys and consultations, we seek to identify possible wildlife hazards, analyse the threat they pose and develop plans to reduce the risks. Management plans include site-specific advice on the most appropriate active and passive techniques to minimise threats, including habitat modification, reducing attractants, dispersal tactics (e.g. scare techniques) and exclusion methods (e.g. fencing). All risk assessments and management plans are developed to meet local and international (ICAO) standards.