We advise on conservation management planning for NGOs, government and private sector clients, collecting data, developing and implementing plans both within and outside of protected areas and Nature Reserves. Our primary conservation focus relates to monitoring of sea turtles and humpback whales in Oman under international aid programmes and funded by and private organisations in partnership with Environmental Society of Oman. Our staff are engaged in international whale conservation studies, including attendance and presentations at IWC events. Our work in this area has led to our staff to publish a number of books and we have had the privilege of supporting the BBC with their Wild Arabia series – see More Stuff.

Some of our specific conservation experience, includes:

  • Integrating Development and Environmental Conservation
  • Scientific Research and Natural Resource Monitoring
  • Natural Resource and Protected Areas’ Management
  • Strategic Conservation Management Planning
  • Endangered Species Research and Management
  • Biodiversity Management Planning
  • Environmental Education and Capacity Building
  • Environmental Awareness Publications

Case Studies

Renaissance Whale and Dolphin Project, Oman

Our team undertakes cetacean research under the umbrella of the Environment Society of Oman. The project specifically focuses on the monitoring of an important humpback whale population that is resident in the Sea of Oman. The research includes field surveys, acoustic research, genetic studies, population estimates and behavioural studies in collaboration with national and international academic institutes and NGOs.

Sea Turtle Monitoring in Oman

Our team undertakes research, monitoring, satellite tracking, protected areas assessment and planning, and strategic conservation management planning for hawksbill, loggerhead and green turtles population at key nesting sites in Oman, including some of the world’s largest and densest rookeries. Project is funded by the US Marine Turtle Conservation Fund and run in collaboration with several US government agencies, as well as local government offices in Oman.

Qatar Dugong Conservation Initiative

Our team led Phase I of the Qatar Dugong Conservation Initiative which was funded by Dolphin Energy. The project aimed to re-invigorate Dugong population assessments and conservation in Qatar by undertaking population assessments, participatory data collection, stakeholder engagement, training and analysis to serve as the foundation of a Qatar led Dugong conservation initiative which will allow stakeholders in Qatar to lead future assessments in their own right in Phase II.

5OES were responsible for all aspects of project design and implementation, providing a specialist team of recognised regional experts in Dugong and marine mammal conservation, participatory data collection, training and collaboration.

Marine Ecological Services

We provide the following main services:

  • Marine Baseline Surveys
  • Monitoring
  • Habitat Creation

Our marine baseline surveys focus on coastal (intertidal and subtidal) ecology, including habitats and species as well as the physicochemical factors which define them. Typically these surveys include coral communities, seagrass, mangroves, intertidal beaches and mudflats, as well as more specific taxonomic and population surveys of invertebrates, fish, turtles, cetaceans, seabirds, infauna, phyto and zooplankton. For seawater and sediment quality surveys we utilise both basic and specialist seawater quality probes, as well as the collection of samples for further analysis. Our surveying techniques are all conducted according to international and regional standards (e.g. AIMS, USEPA, MOOPAM, PERSGA) and we ensure that all chemical analyses are performed by internationally certified and accredited laboratories.

We are also involved in habitat recreation and creation, including the development of artificial reefs and the establishment of mangrove habitat. This work includes the planning, implementation and monitoring stages of programmes.

Case Studies

Barr Al Jissah Coral Reef Survey, Translocation and Monitoring Project, Oman

Our team undertook a marine habitat survey of the environment adjacent to the proposed Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa. The resulting data was used to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project and specifically identify the impact of the Project on coral communities. Part of this development included the construction of a new marina which would involve the loss of existing coral habitat.  5OES used the collected data to identify which coral communities would be impacted by the development and devise and implement a mitigation strategy to safeguard the presence of corals in the area following construction of the Project, which included translocation to a donor site.

Mangrove Habitat Creation Project, Qatar

Our team has led the development of a mangrove translocation and habitat recreation project to mitigate impacts to mangroves caused by the construction of the new Doha port project. The project has involved the identification of a suitable recipient site and development of the first mangrove nursery in Qatar. The work has required the removal of 5000 mangrove seedlings from the wild and growing 3000 seedlings in a mangrove nursery. These seedlings have been planted at the recipient site and the success of the project will be monitored by our team over the next few years.

Port Gentil Marine Surveys, Gabon

Our team was commissioned by URS Scott Wilson (UK) to provide specialist advice on marine mammals, sea turtles and fisheries related to the development of a new port and industrial zone development in Port Gentil. In this role, our team has undertaken seasonal surveys for sea turtles and marine mammals (particularly humpback whales), which has included visual and acoustic monitoring. The monitoring was undertaken with our close contacts at the Wildlife Conservation Society. Our team was employed on this project due to the specialist advice we could bring related to our long term monitoring of species of concern at the site.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We support the following sectors:

Coastal Development

  • Tourism, Ports and harbours, regeneration,
  • Marine reclamation, Dredging impacts and management.

Natural Resources and Conservation

  • Wildlife surveys, Fisheries and aquaculture, Protected areas

Onshore and Offshore Energy

  • Exploration, Production, Downstream, Renewables

Infrastructure and Industry

  • Power generation and transmission, Transport, Desalination,
  • Manufacturing and Processing, Housing and flood defences

Urban and Real Estate Development

  • Integrated development, Strategic planning and design

We provide the following EIA related services to our clients internationally:

Planning/Feasibility Studies:

  • Environmental masterplanning and Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Integrating environmental objectives
  • Opportunities and Constraints assessment
  • Due diligence, site planning/preparation
  • Identifying ‘sustainable’ design techniques

Technical Studies:

  • Legislative review
  • Habitat and species evaluations in marine and terrestrial environments
  • Biological, hydrological and physico-chemical baseline surveys
  • Geological, soils and drainage evaluations
  • Dispersion modelling for water, air and noise
  • Landscape and visual assessments
  • Air, noise and climate studies
  • Cultural and historical studies
  • Integrated waste management and planning
  • Fisheries studies
  • Social impact assessment and community liaison
  • GIS mapping
  • Environmental and permitting services
  • Stakeholder engagement and public outreach
  • Developing avoidance and mitigation measures
  • Expert witness testimony


  • Adoption of best practice EIA/SEA methodologies
  • Development of reports to supplement permit applications
  • Development of EIA software
  • Obtaining permits and stakeholder consultation

Environmental Management Planning:

  • Project policy formation
  • Mitigation, monitoring and audit design
  • Determination of ongoing responsibilities
  • Development of tender specifications
  • Habitat creation, landscape improvement and recreational enhancement

Site Audit:

  • Inspection and audit
  • Reporting and improvement
  • Consequence and risk assessment
  • Environmental incident response
  • Environmental Management Systems

Case Studies

Dunbar Harbour Regeneration, Scotland

Our team was commissioned to undertake the marine ecological impact assessment for the redevelopment of Dunbar Harbour on the east coast of Scotland. As part of this work the team undertook marine surveys, including intertidal biotope survey and mapping. The team also provide specialist advice for mitigating impacts on important marine mammal and fish species, which included addressing underwater sound issues.

Port Sultan Qaboos Redevelopment Masterplan, Oman

Our team was commissioned to undertake the EIA for the overall masterplan project. This work was delivered fully in-house and specialist advice provided to the WS Atkins masterplanning team. The EIA covered the overall proposed development, which includes a new super yacht marina, new residential area, new commercial zone, dedictaed cruise liner berths, new crecreational waterfront zone, new leisure park and new hotel development zone.

Offshore Oil and Gas

We provide the following services to our clients internationally:

  • Government/ Environmental Regulator/ Statutory Planning Liaison and briefing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management, Monitoring and Auditing during Seismic and Drilling Operations
  • Marine Mammal (MMO), Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) for seismic surveys
  • Environmental management systems, HSEMS, ISO 14000/18000 or EMAS.
  • Risk Assessments, QRA.
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning, modelling.
  • Education and Training in various aspects of offshore environmental management and mitigation

We provide environmental services for all stages of the offshore exploration and production cycle through to the decommissioning phase. We undertake specific marine surveys to support any requirements during exploration and appraisal phases of projects.  We also provide the necessary expertise to enable environmental planning for all off‑ shore oil and gas field infrastructure development. This may include the preparation of oil spill contingency plans, marine and atmospheric dispersion modelling, risk assessments (including QRA), sensitivity mapping, and provide a framework for appropriate monitoring and auditing work. This relates to construction and installation of fixed, floating and subsea production facilities and export facilities.

Case Studies

EIA for offshore seismic survey, Sierra Leone

Our team was commissioned to undertake an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for a multi-client 2D Seismic Survey covering majority of offshore concession areas in Sierra Leone. Services included; EPA-SL liaison, stakeholder engagement along entire coastline of Sierra Leone, EIA disclosure to affected communities, press and radio coverage, Community Development Planning. Monitoring during operations includes Marine Mammal Observing and Fisheries reporting to EPA-SL.

Reliance Industries, Environmental Services for Offshore Blocks 18 and 41, Oman

Our team has provided multi-scope environmental services to Reliance Industries related to their operations for these blocks between 2006 and 2010. The scope of services includes: 

  • Permit applications for exploration to statutory authorities
  • Preparation of EIAs for offshore 3D-Seismic data acquisition, bathymetric and side scan sonar surveys, as well as seabed coring
  • Preparation of detailed baseline surveys
  • Provision of MMOs & environmental reporting during seismic surveys to authorities
  • Assessment of impacts of offshore Controlled Source Electro Magnetic survey (CSEM)
  • Provision of MMOs & Environmental Observers during CSEM survey. Assessment of survey impacts, compliance audits and reporting to Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs
  • Offshore environmental monitoring (MMO) / auditing during exploratory drilling

ESIA and Marine Mammals Surveys for Offshore Blocks in Liberia

In 2009, our team was commissioned by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation to undertake an ESIA for 2D and 3D seismic surveys in Liberia. This was subsequently followed by provision of Marine Mammal Observers (MMO’s) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) for offshore seismic surveys. Since, 2009 our involvement in studies for the offshore O&G industry in Liberia has continued and we are currently providing EPA liaison Environmental Observers (MMO’s) for a 6 month 3D seismic survey, offshore Liberia for TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Co. ASA.

DNO International AS Environmental Call-off Services, Oman and UAE

Our team is providing multi-scope call-off services to DNO International for assets in Oman and UAE. The scope of services includes:

  • Ongoing environmental support and development of environmental management systems, monitoring for all DNO’s assets in Oman and UAE.
  • EIA and field development support for West Bukha, Oman and Saleh field, UAE drilling and production.
  • Offshore monitoring and auditing during drilling.
  • Climate, energy and emissions reporting.

Coastal Zone Planning

Managing the coastal zone is a complex issue due to its importance in terms of human population size, coastal development and industry, as well as fisheries and the anthropogenic implications which accompany such activities. The coastal zone also supports the widest array of ecosystems, with diverse habitats and associated ecology with relatively restricted (and therefore often threatened) distributions. The number of different stakeholders and their points of focus are also diverse and regularly conflicting (e.g. industry, fisheries and tourism), resulting in increased complexity from a management perspective. 5OES aims to improve management in the coastal zone through the provision of accurate scientific data to support management decision making at all levels, as well as directly informing the planning process, the development of protected areas, fisheries management and the overall implementation of holistic approaches to addressing complex management issues in the coastal zone.

Case Studies

Maserah Island Masterplanning Project, Oman

Maserah Island is Oman’s largest island with a total land area of approximately 650km2. The demand for tourism and other competing land uses on the island has led to the Supreme Council for Town Planning to commission a spatial masterplan ahead of the Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) project. The Consultant, WS Atkins, appointed Five Oceans Environmental Services to provide all inputs relating to environmental and natural resource management which required the development of sensitivity mapping and resource inventory, most notably for the globally significant nesting Loggerhead turtle population. As an integral drive for the study, our team development an Integrated Coastal Zone Planning approach and framework to ensure the holistic masterplanning of the island. This approach has led to the creation of a preferred masterplan that aims to promote economic development whilst protecting and enhancing environmental features on the island.

Marine Protected Area Development, Sudan

Simon Wilson was part of the planning team of PERSGA/Wildlife Administration, Sudan to develop a management plan for Sudan’s first marine protected area, Sanganeb Atoll, one of seven marine national parks in the Red Sea. Simon’s role was to provide specialist marine ecological inputs for determining key baseline issues and for developing long term biodiversity management for the marine park.

Daymaniyat Islands National Nature Reserve Sustainable Development Project, Oman

The Daymaniyat Islands National Nature Reserve is Oman’s largest marine protected area. It was established in 1983 to protect important populations of breeding birds, nesting turtles and coral reefs. Our team was commissioned to support the study in the following aspects:

  • To conduct natural resource assessments and compare them to earlier maps to detect changes
  • To assess damage caused by Cyclone Gonu
  • To train Omani personnel in MPA management techniques
  • To determine traditional rights (e.g. fishing, worship, recreational activities)
  • To strengthen management capability within the Ministry of Environment

Man and Biosphere Reserve, Qatar

Our team provided environmental advice to project master-planning, sustainable development and assessment of eco-tourism potential of the site to carry a population of 100,000 in the buffer zone of a proposed Man and Biosphere Reserve in NE Qatar. The project involved the undertaking of an EIA and also provision of integrated planning advice for development in the area.

Renewable Energy

Our staff have vast experience of developing renewable energy projects, particularly related to biomass and wind power. Our senior staff have been involved in leading the development of wind power in Oman, UK and Hong Kong. Our inputs mainly relate to marine baseline surveys, monitoring and EIA services.

Case Studies


Whilst in previous employment, Neil Cousins has led the development of EIAs and also marine baseline surveys for a range of offshore wind farm developments in the UK and overseas. Some specific projects in which Neil has been involved includes:

  • Hong Kong Electric Company Offshore Wind Farm (Hong Kong): full EIA delivery
  • North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm EIA (UK): marine ecology, sediments and physical processes, including surveys.
  • Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm EIA (UK) – marine ecology, sediments and physical processes, including surveys.
  • Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm EIA (UK) – marine ecology impact assessment.
  • Gwynt-y-Mor Offshore Wind Farm EIA (UK) – pre-EIA marine ecology and sediment surveys.
  • Thames Array Offshore Wind Farm EIA (UK) – pre-EIA marine ecology and sediment surveys.
  • Tunes plateau EIA Scoping Report studies.
  • Initial licence area scoping studies across strategic development areas in England and Wales.


We offer a range of services to private, public and third sectors in developing and implementing sustainable solutions in tourism development and achieving a responsible tourism industry.  We provide guidance and advice during the development and management of a tourist destination.

Our services include:

  • project development and management
  • policy development
  • strategic planning and implementation
  • partnership development and relationship management
  • marketing and communication planning
  • feasibility studies
  • research
  • education and training

Case Studies

Bandar Khayran Tourism Use Assessment, Oman

The area of Bandar Khayran (approximately 20 km2) has been identified as having potential for eco-tourism development and to this end the Ministry of Tourism Oman commissioned a project to collect all the necessary environmental information required for responsible planning of the area. The project collated all available information and conducted a gap analysis in order to design the surveys necessary to fill the gaps in available information. Surveys were then conducted, and a sensitivity analysis performed that allowed potential eco-tourism activities to be planned that used the available natural resources in as rational a way as possible. The project then went on to analyze the information requirements required for management and then applied best practices to develop a proposed zoning plan for the tourism use of the area.

Daymaniyat Islands Sustainable Tourism Project, Oman

OMRAN is the Government of Oman’s public company responsible for developing public private partnerships for the objective of developing Oman’s tourism sector. OMRAN is a partner in over 80% of Oman’s tourism projects, including the majority of the major developments. As well as conventional high end tourism, OMRAN intends to develop a niche market based on cultural and environmental tourism through the development of a series of specialized tourism products and facilities, including tourism development in the country’s protected areas. Specific work conducted by our team included:

  • Development of eco-tourism facilities at Daymaniyat Islands National Nature Reserve
  • Feasibility of turtle based tourism at Masirah Island
  • Technical support for Steering Committee of Ras Al Hadd National Nature Reserve

Sustainable Tourism Masterplanning, UAE

Our team has provided specialist marine ecological advice with respect to the potential environmentally based tourism use in Mhleia, Khor Kalba and Sir Bu Nair Island. The work has included the identified of marine resources and identification of constraints and opportunities and long term management requirements.